When you wear your favourite dress again.


Scars and flars 🌹.




I hope you’re happy and confident wearing your favourite dress. I hope it shows off who you are and I hope you’re in love with who you are.

Here’s a link to a song for you. 𝕷

when i was a little girl my mama said to me what’s your favorite flower, darling? i’ll get you the seed i said,dandelion! dandelion! that ones so pretty! she said child, that ones not a flower, that ones just a weed oh, what a shame now it don’t look the same guess it don’t look the same oh, what a shame

By Gabbie Hanna

I remember the close up photographs you clicked of flowers in your first semester. You said we need to look closely to observe something for what it is. You’ve photographed a few flowers in bnw this semester, and you said even without their colour (flowers’s claim to beauty?) we knew that these are flowers. When I asked about wanting to produce a portrait of each of my batchmates, you said you wanted your scars captured. You wore a flower covered dress, and bared your scars to send me photographs to paint from. So perhaps, as I painted -with each layer -I exposed and kept you safe at the same time. 

And I’m left thinking maybe they aren’t very different… scars and flars 🌹.  All this time I thought through our degree we were being pushed to understand more about art, you more about flowers in a way. I think partly you’ve been pushing yourself and us to celebrate scars (not just the physical ones), the way we celebrate flowers. 

Dandelion doesn’t stop being dandelion even if everyone tells it it’s a weed and not a flower. You don’t let anyone tell you are not you. Don’t let anyone tell anyone that they are not them. It’s hard work, fighting for people to be themselves. But I shall do it and so shall you. Because we understand.


your batchmate with a few scars of her own.



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