Where it’s so cold and cloudy that you can’t see your hands


Hopefully soon, and not too late. As soon as the lockdown ends.






Do you remember our trip to Renuka ji? It’s my happy place during the lockdown. I close my eyes and escape to the mountains there. The river, the air, the bats :).

You know, body as landscape always reminded me of curves and dips and swishes of a body. Like the swing of hips of my crush making waves in my heart. There was something so carnal and even perverse about the thought. But I’m not thinking that at the moment. (only sometimes :p) I always thought my understanding of body is changing. There was so much struggle around ‘body’. I thought landscape the metaphor, a tool to understand and reimagine body. To accept all bodies, every body a new travel adventure. But with such boundaries on movement these days. Landscape and body have become simile, realised through anxiety. Both constricted and afraid.

Hrishi, sometimes I can’t breathe here. Please tell me how it’ll be over and we’ll all travel together to colder places. 

Do you think if bodies are landscapes, we can travel while sitting and lift our spirits by imagining our selves branches of a tree atop a hill?


Your friend,



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