In a house where shadows are cast in colour.









I think shadows can have colour. They can feel dark and deep and inescapable. But they are coloured and that’s something.

One of the first things I was taught about watercolour painting was to never use black. To always build it up, to layer colours and achieve depth of tone, but we didn’t even squeeze the black onto our palettes. Watercolours are a very wet medium as one might expect, too much layering really exhausts the paper very fast. You can get better paper but it won’t help much if you don’t learn how to handle it’s wetness and pigment balance. Every ‘black’ was a dark shade of a colour. The freedom with opacity that watercolours provide is unparalleled really. It takes great patience and practice to paint realistic images with watercolour. And it captures any play of light so right.

I know you know all this. But I wanted to remind us both just because. I won’t say life is like watercolours. It isn’t nearly as quick. But I think we need to look at it like as if we’d be expected to paint a watercolour later. To observe it with all it’s opacity variations and varieties of depth. And then play with application. To never observe something as just black. 

Shadows have colour and we need to always remember.


Can’t wait to share a shadow soon.


Maikk. 😛

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